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Planning Your Trip

Our Experience in Barcelona

Check out the architecture. Places to visit include Parc Guell, La Sagrada Familia, La Padrera, Montjuic, Montserrat.

Don't miss La Rambla and the great Mercat de la Boqueria market.

The Metro was clean and easy to navigate. It reminded us of the T in Boston.

People are out all night. On our early morning cab ride to the airport, we passed people still stumbling around La Rambla.

Watch out for pickpockets. While I was in line at a Falafel shop, a single female tourist was in front of me paying for her lunch. A local guy and his buddies entered the small shop. The tallest of them cut in front of me in line. I was annoyed but wasn't about to start arguing with him. Then I realized what was happening: while the woman was handing her money to the cashier, the guy who cut in line reached into her backpack, grabbed whatever was there (papers and money?) and casually walked out of the store with his buddies. She had no idea she had been robbed. I felt like an idiot just standing there, but the entire transaction took about 6 seconds.

Map of Barcelona Spain

Must-Pack Items

Barcelona is a modern city. You will walk alot and use public transportation.

Universal Packing List

This packing list contains stuff we bring on just about every trip.

A carry-on shoulder bag contains:

Toiletry bag from LL Bean contains:

Electronic Gear (all in a gallon ziplock)

First Aid & Miscellaneous Items (all in a gallon ziplock)